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Our Next Farmers Markets :-


  • Horsforth. Saturday 2nd November, 9am - 12.30pm.
  • Ilkley. Sunday 3rd November, 10am - 12.30pm.
  • Oakwood. Saturday  16th November, 9am - 12.30pm.
  • Knaresborough. Saturday  16th November, 9am - 2pm.


  • Ilkley. Sunday 1st December, 10am - 3pm.
  • Horsforth. Saturday 7th December, 9am - 12.30pm.
  • Oakwood. Saturday  21st December, 9am - 12.30pm.
  • Knaresborough. Saturday  21st December - 9am - 2pm

We NOW do Six homemade ready to eat meals, Moussaka, Chicken Casserole with Dumplings (df), Cottage Pie, Beef Cobbler, Shepherds Pie and Vegetable Lasagne - All only £4.50 each!!!!!!


Some of our bakes are also DAIRY FREE! (df)

Chicken and vegetable Pie,

Sausage Rolls,

Chicken Casserole with dumplings,

Steak and Potato Pie,


Honey Slice,

Jam Roly Poly,

Tangy Lemon Drizzle Cake,

Scotch Eggs,

Corned Beef Pasty,

Raspberry Flapjack,

Apple Crumble.

So please look out for the (df) on our Bakes

Latest  Products :-

  • Chicken and Vegetable pie (df)
  • Sausage Rolls (df)
  • Cottage Pie
  • Chicken Casserole with dumplings (df)
  • Beef Cobbler
  • Vegetable Lasagne (SYN FREE)
  • Shepherds Pie